1. AA Regional Development Program Policy HERE
  2. SQAS Expression of Interest HERE

The Archery Australia Regional Development Program is a framework designed to assist self-motivated athletes in defining and achieving their goals of representing Australia at major international competitions.

The Archery Australia RDP is a nationally focused program developed to provide a clear pathway for athletes wishing to represent Australia at Olympic, Paralympic and World Championships. Archery Australia will work in conjunction with RGB’s to deliver a program that supports athletes who demonstrate a commitment to train at the level required for them be internationally competitive.


  • The AARDP has been implemented to offer an opportunity for motivated athletes to train at the level required to represent Australia at future Olympic, Paralympic and World Championships.
  • An initial aim of the program is to develop AARDP squad members to a level where they can qualify for entry in to the Archery Australia High Performance Program (HPP) and to prepare athletes both physically and mentally for the rigours of training as an elite Archer.
  • The AARDP will look to develop a greater level of opportunity for squad members to compete domestically and internationally.


  • The AARDP will be managed by the Archery Australia National Co-ordinator (volunteer position) who reports directly to the Archery Australia High Performance Manager.
  • The initial programs will be centred around Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with the RGB’s working in collaboration. RGB’s will be aligned as follows:

Brisbane Squad – SQAS, NQLD

Sydney Squad – ANSW and AACT

Melbourne Squad – AV, ASA and AST

Perth Squad – AWA

  • Expressions of Interest will be sought from athletes who wish to be considered for inclusion in the program.
  • Athletes will train in their usual training environment and will be assisted in developing their own structured training programs in conjunction with their coach and the AARDP National Co-ordinator.
  • Depending on the number and training level of applicants in each centre (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), each squad may be divided into two groups to facilitate better management of the athletes.
  • A national calendar of activities will be developed which will include intra-squad competitions, training camps, educational activities and formal review of each athletes progress.
  • All athletes will be required to enter their weekly training data in the Athlete Management System (AMS) which will generate regular training reports for athletes and coaches. These reports will be used to review each athletes training and competition progress.
  • The National Co-ordinator and AA National Head Coach will determine the national technical direction and coaching methodologies for AARDP athletes.
  • Where possible coach advancement opportunities will be provided for coaches working in the AARDP program.


The program is designed for those athletes who are willing to commit to a significant weekly training load in an effort to achieve national representation and who demonstrate a willingness to comply with the program requirements.

Squad members will be expected to:

  • support regional development programs and be available for selection in RGB teams
  • maintain performance and activity records in the AMS
  • attend nominated tournament and training events
  • commit to relevant training programs

RDP squad membership will be continually assessed to ensure compliance with the programs objectives and each squad members ongoing participation and compliance will be reviewed every six months and an assessment made of that athletes suitability for the program. Squad members who do not adhere to program requirements may be removed from the program before the six monthly assessment is undertaken.

Athlete Identification and Screening

Archery Australia will call for expressions of interest from the Archery Australia community and all applications will be assessed using criteria developed by the AA National Head Coach and AARDP National Co-ordinator. These criteria will be both quantitative (score based) and qualitative (assessment of potential and commitment).

Applicants will be assessed initially on but not limited to:

  • Previous and current performances
  • Physical condition
  • Psychological assessment
  • Coach/Coach’s subjective appraisals including athlete perceived potential
  • Skill Level (technique)
  • Attitude
  • Work Ethic
  • Commitment
  • Athlete goals aligned with program objectives

Events and activities being run at RGB level (Competitions, RGB development camps) may be identified as program selection opportunities.

Identified participants who are under consideration for inclusion in the program may be asked to submit video footage of their training.

Those potential program participants will be invited to submit relevant application documents and maybe asked attend a nominated club/RGB event for assessment

Selected squad members will be expected to allocate 15 to 20 hours a week for training, participate in strength and conditioning programs and ensure attendance at scheduled training/competition events.

Performance Criteria

The following scores indicate the level of performance we are seeking:

Men Recurve –  600                                                         Men Compound – 680

Women Recurve – 580                                                   Women Compound – 650

Cadet Men Recurve – 610 (60m)                                Cadet Men Compound – 660 (50m)

Cadet Women Recurve – 600 (60m)                         Cadet Women Compound – 640 (50m)


There will be clear performance aspirations required of athletes wishing to be included in the program including:

  • Clearly articulated archery goals for 2018;
  • An agreed level of performance improvement in the first 6-12 months of the program; and
  • A stated desire to represent Australia at Olympic, Paralympic or World Championships level by 2020.
  1. AA Regional Development Program Policy HERE
  2. SQAS Expression of Interest HERE