Youth Nationals Team

We are excited to announce the official SQAS team for the upcoming National Youth Archery Championships in Canberra commencing at the end of March.Congratulations to the archers below who were successful in gaining a place on the team. All youth members of SQAS who are attending and shooting will be supported by the appointed SQAS team management even if they are not in the RGB team. We wish all competitors a wonderful and successful event. Keep an eye out for information regarding a youth development day prior to the NYAC.

SQAS Recurve Team
Jack Love MPB, Paco Ng MPB, Ellen Martini CAC, Gabrielle West MPB, Haleemah Stevens MPB,
Hannah Walsh SCAC, Gabriela Bielen MPB, Clay Nimmo SVTA

SQAS Compound Team
Bobby Barr-Jones TCA, Ruth Chamberlain CAC, Ciara Doyle CAC, Maddyson Lockyer LCA,
Kye Lockyer LCA, Liezel-Marie Roux CAC, Maddisyn Salmi TCA, Nathaniel Angwin CAC

Others Attending
Ryan Clarke CAC, Mathilda Gell MPB, Jessica Lloyd SCAC, Mina Williams MPB,
Patrick Willis SCAC, Siddhant Sachdeva MPB, Charlie Fitzgibbon TCA

Darren Brack Coach, Jarryd Greitschus Coach,
Lindsay Roux Team Manager, Michelle Gill Team Manager