Classification Awards

As of January 2013, Archery Australia has revised the classification levels that archers can achieve. There are now ten levels available for all four disciplines, for all divisions and bow types, with medals available for each level.

The ten levels are:-

  1. Elite Gold
  2. Elite Silver
  3. Elite Bronze
  4. Grand Master Bowman
  5. Master Bowman
  6. Gold
  7. Red
  8. Blue
  9. Black
  10. White

The lower five levels (6 to 10) are claimed only once, but the upper five (1 to 5) must be shot every year to be maintained. Detailed information about these awards can be found on the AA website in chapter four of the Archery Australia Constitution and shooting rules.

How to claim an award

If you want to claim any awards let your club recorder know.  Currently the SQAS recorder has stocks of the five lower level medals.  Claims for the upper five levels need to be submitted, by your club recorder, to the SQAS recorder, who in turn will send the claims to the AA Records Committee, who will approve the claim and forward the medals back to SQAS.

The cost of the medals is to be paid to the club when you receive the medal.