Youth Team Selection

Archers who strive to represent SQAS at national and international events may be eligible for support from SQAS in the form of funding and/or uniforms.

Youth archers are eligible for selection into the following teams:

  • SQAS Indoor Team
  • SQAS Youth Team

For more details on eligibility, funding and selection procedure, familiarize yourself with the SQAS team selection policy:

This policy version shall be used to select SQAS State Teams  for all National Youth, National and National Indoor Archery Championship events held  from 1 January 2020 onwards until such time as a new version/policy is implemented.  

**A note to archers moving up in age division**
When moving up an age division, it is important that you post scores for the relevant rounds leading up to the selection of the SQAS Youth Team. Failure to do so may make you ineligible for team selection!

For example:
Sally is an archer shooting in cadet women compound. Next year she will be moving up a division to U20 women compound. To be selected for the SQAS team at next years National Youth Archery Championships, she decides to shoot some 70/1440 rounds leading up to the team selection date. She also decides to shoot some field rounds from the red peg.