What does it mean to be an Instructor or Coach?

Archery Australia have reviewed their coaching framework and introduced new
courses and qualifications. The new qualifications will be designated as
Level 1 Coach and Level 2 Coach etc. with the old designations of Archery
Instructor and Club Coach disappearing in time as these qualifications
expire. All existing Archery Instructor and Club Coach qualifications will
remain valid until the expiry date, as shown on their card, but will need to
re-qualify to the new framework prior to that expiry date.  As a way to
encourage early transition to the new framework  up-grade to the new
qualifications in 2020 is free.
This Level 1 Coaches course is for AA affiliated archers that wish to assist
their club with “come and try” sessions and then to assist new club members.

If you have been shooting as a member for 12 months or more, are 16 or over,
and have a suitable knowledge of recurve and/or compound bows; please
register. As well as attending the 1 day course, you will be required to
undertake pre reading and complete a work book which you will bring to the
course for assessment by the presenter/assessor. At the course there will be
practical components which will also be assessed and you will need to
undertake additional instructing at your club, including assisting at 2
“come and try” sessions. Prior to taking up duties you would also need a
working with children clearance which in Queensland is a “Blue Card”